LLB Legal Foundations of the European Union

Photo of the European Parliament, Brussels

Module description:

In this module students will learn about the historical origins of the European Union and its economic and political objectives. Subject covered include:

  • The principal substantive provisions of the EC Treaty (in outline)
  • The institutional framework of the European Union and its decision making processes
  • The legal status of the law deriving from the Treaties on which the European Union is based and its relationship with the national laws of the Member States
  • The judicial architecture of the European Union
  • The jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of First Instance. The following heads of jurisdiction are examined in detail: the action against Member States for infringement of their Treaty obligations, the action for annulment and the preliminary rulings procedure.

Student comments:

The LFEU module has the perfect balance of abstract theory and practical application. As well as being taught some substantive law (on the Internal Market) and how it's been applied in the case law, we learnt the history of and theory behind the EU, which in turn has made understanding of both parts so much more grounded. Also, the lecturers are brilliant as they are clearly very passionate about their subjects."