LLB Legal Issues in Health Care Law

Student listening in a lecture

Module description:

Doctors and patients are faced on a day to day basis with legal and ethical challenges and dilemmas from the GP's surgery, the outpatient department or in the operating theatre. English law regulates health care law questions from the beginning to the end of life. In the Legal Issues in Heath Care module some of these dilemmas - both every day and extraordinary - will be explored. Typical issues which will be considered will include:

  • NHS resource allocation - when is it right to ration treatments?
  • Informed consent, decision making capacity - who gives consent to treatment and when?
  • Should reproductive technologies be regulated?
  • Should English law recognise a right to an abortion?
  • When can a patient demand a right to die and a right to live?
  • Should human organs and tissue be used as spare part technology?