LLB Public International Law

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Module description:

In an increasingly globalised world, there are fewer and fewer areas of law and practice that do not involve some form of international law. This module is intended to provide students with a general understanding of the structure of the international legal system and the basic principles underlying the relations between states, international organisations and other actors in the international arena. In the process, fundamental assumptions regarding these rules and structures of international law will also be critically scrutinised. Therefore, this module is informed by a combination of both doctrinal and critical/postcolonial scholarship.

The topics covered include:

  • Histories and Nature of International Law
  • Sources of International Law
  • Law of Treaties
  • Hierarchy of International Legal Norms
  • Relationship between International Law and Domestic Law
  • Subjects of International Law: Statehood
  • Subjects of International Law: Non-State Actors
  • State Jurisdiction and Immunities
  • State Responsibility
  • Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes
  • Use of Force in International Law