LLB Public Law

Students studying a textbookModule description:

Public Law focuses on the law governing the UK's legal and political institutions. The module covers pertinent and topical issues and examines the main aspects of constitutional law, administrative law and human rights. Areas covered will include:

  • The concept of a constitution and the nature of the UK’s constitution
  • The UK in Europe, the concept of the union state and devolution
  • The allocation and nature of legislative, executive and judicial powers of government
  • The legal control of public authorities in the UK, especially through claims for judicial review and the protection of rights in the UK, especially under the Human Rights Act of 1998.

Student comments:

Public law’s relevance to my life and the lives of others fascinates me. I have loved studying the relationship between politics and the judicial system, a relationship I didn’t know existed before studying public law. The power law has to monitor parliament’s statutes intrigues me, making me question, who has the ultimate authority in society? The elected MP’s, or the ‘well learned’ judges? Considering whether this is right, tantalises me."