Student profile: Pardeep Lagha

Photo of student Pardeep Lagha

Programme: LLB 
Year of Study: 
Year 1, 2008/9 

Why choose Birmingham?

What first struck me about Birmingham was the reputation the university holds, as it is widely known to be one of the UK’s finest institutions. The course itself was a large part of the appeal, as it is one of a very few universities around the country which offered a wide array of module options that I’m really interested to take as part the LLB course, such as medical law.  

Before visiting the Law School I had a perception of it being out of my league but once I visited I realised that it was really friendly and accommodating and that I’d be able to fit in easily. The cultural diversity is amazing, and I’m just so glad to be here as it really feels like home already.

The campus means that everything is within walking distance, which makes life so much easier. Campus has banks, supermarkets, fruit and veg stalls, the guild and its own station! There is so much to do and become part of. There are great sports facilities and societies to suit all tastes. Your whole life could be on the campus if you wanted as you can comfortably work, learn and socialise here.

Careers and the Holdsworth Club

As Law freshers The Holdsworth Club holds specific events for us. We already have an awesome line up for the first semester. There’s LAWD (Law Association Welcome Drinks) which is a three-legged bar crawl, Buddies Night which is a fancy dress cops & robbers night, exclusive career events and the Law Ball to celebrate the 80th birthday of Birmingham Law School. We also have competitions with the medical students which we’re already gearing up for - to make sure we’ll win. Holdsworth is great because it means that all law students can socialise together, so we have the opportunity to really get to know the people we’ll be learning alongside.

The variety of opportunities available to us is amazing. The Law school has great links with the magic circle and most of the academics are at the top of their field and are also involved in groundbreaking research. The fact that I’m studying at Birmingham Law School has already started opening doors for me because it’s such a respected institution and people know that if you are studying here then you must be good."