Student profile: Charles Ntor

Programme: LLB for Graduates
Nationality: Nigerian

Why choose Birmingham?

I chose to study at Birmingham Law School because of the worldwide recognition and quality which it has through being one of the top 100 universities in the world. The sky is the limit after studying here and there are endless opportunities as Birmingham graduates are sought after all over the world.

Birmingham is an old university with a great history, fabulous buildings and a serene atmosphere. Everything you could need is available on site, you don’t have to go to town so there is no stress or hassle as everything which you need is there for you.

Life at the University

I settled in very quickly as everyone was very friendly and it felt like my own community as even though everyone has come from different backgrounds they talk to you like they’re your brother. The university environment is fabulous for students as everyone is so friendly and accommodating. Birmingham has fantastic lecturers who take the time to ensure that you truly understand the subject, breaking down the information so you can take in what’s being said

The Holdsworth Club is like a family where Law students come together to organise debates, moots, events and outings which really help prepare you for a future career in law. The club provides a great chance to socialise with other law students whilst also providing lots of opportunities to enhance your CV.

Birmingham has a great night life and it is a lively city. There are lots of pubs, cinemas, shows…whatever you want entertainment wise you can find it in Birmingham. I can guarantee that coming to Birmingham Law School will be the best decision you ever make in your life as it will set you up for great things in the future.