Student profile: Jennifer Ogundemurem

Photo of Law alumna Jennifer Ogundemuren, third place in Future Leaders in the UKProgramme: LLB Law

What did you enjoy most about your time at the University of Birmingham?

I enjoyed having unlimited time to spend with the people that I love. The relationships I formed whilst at the University of Birmingham have been such a blessing! I came to University not knowing anyone and I left finding my future children’s aunties and uncles! University is such a great space to meet people from different walks of life and really connect with them, so I definitely miss that.

Did you do any extra-curricular activities outside your studies?

Yes I did! In my first year, I was a BME mentor for a little while, I was also a part of AIESEC Birmingham as well as the Cultural and Religious Officer for the Afro Caribbean Society (ACS). In my second year, I was the President of the ACS. Additionally I also write music so I had my own live gig at The Bedford in London. I also volunteered in Brazil for 10 Weeks in summer 2013. My final year was definitely a lot quieter for obvious reasons but I held a regular Christian women’s fellowship in my house during third year and it was a great way to really encourage one another to keep our spirits high during University because people forget that you will experience some lows at University too.

Could you tell us a little more about the Future Leaders award you received?

Of course, so the Future Leaders Award by Powerful Media is actually a ‘sister’ publication the Black Powerlist which is known for profiling 100 of the most influential black people in Britain. The Future Leaders award profiles 100 of the best black undergraduates/ University graduates of Afro-Caribbean heritage each year!

How did you feel when you placed in the top 3?

I was absolutely speechless. I just started crying. It was such a surreal moment to hear my name being called out. The people in the magazine are phenomenal and it’s so humbling to know that someone deemed me worthy enough to stand alongside such incredible talent. Additionally, I am so thankful for the magazine because now my ten year old sister can look in the magazine and see people who look just like her doing incredible things.

What piece of advice would you give to our current students studying on your course or with an interest in your interests?

KEEP GOING! You deserve your place on the course as much as anyone else does. Don’t allow a grade to tell you any different. I struggled on the degree too and initially I considered dropping out because I didn’t feel that I could do it, but I graduated with a 2.1!  Be your own competition and don’t look at anyone else because people bluff.  For the modules that you do not really like find something about it that you find interesting and run with that because that is what will pull you out of bed for that 9am lecture.

You can be extremely intelligent and underachieve in a law degree because you do not understand what the examiner is looking for. Talk to your lecturers because they are experts in their field.