Student profile: Peter Whitehouse

Programme: LLB
Year of Study: Year 2, 2009/10

Why choose Birmingham

The reason why I chose to study Law at the University of Birmingham was the flexibility of the degree. It’s a fantastic degree to have not only if you elect to go down the barrister and solicitor routes but also if you want to go into a whole range of careers such as advertising, recruitment and management. As well as this, law is an interesting subject to take, the variety of case law that you come across adds to its mixture of interest and enjoyment.

Birmingham are highly ranked  in the country, and I felt Birmingham presented the best campus, the best law school building (with its own library) and the best atmosphere, in comparison to other similarly ranked universities. Birmingham also has a fantastic reputation in sport ranking 3rd in the UK.   Birmingham is a big city with great night life, a fantastic university, a great social environment with a massive student body and is also in the top 10 for graduate recruitment. It was difficult to find a reason not to go to Birmingham


The law school follow a line of uniqueness with the inclusion of supervision classes every week. This is an opportunity to improve your communication and skills of rhetoric and to get valuable feedback each week on each module. This takes you away from the lecture style atmosphere and gives you an opportunity to learn in a different way. It’s always inspiring to see the names of academic staff on textbooks that you pick up to read. For me, this is how I know that I have genuine experts for lecturers. They are all friendly and passionate about what they do and this really brings about a good atmosphere in the law school.


Whilst being at this university I have taken part in a whole range of activities. Not only regularly taking part in the University Athletics team, but also securing a range of part time jobs that are enjoyable and helpful for the bank balance. As well as the fantastic opportunities listed by the University job zone the Law School itself regularly has top law firms come in and visit, giving us help and advice on how to begin our careers. (They also usually bring a range of free stuff and free food and drink!)

I haven't decided what to do after graduation, I may pursue a career as a solicitor, or just take another choice that comes my way. I'm not certain but I am confident that a Law degree from Birmingham gives me a fantastic starting point."