LLM Advanced Political and Legal Theory

Students listening in a seminar

Module Leader: Dr Gavin Byrne

Teaching and assessment (2017-18):  Semester 2, 1 x 3 hour examination  

Module Description:
This module builds on the themes covered in standard undergraduate courses on Jurisprudence.  As such, the module is only suitable for those who have already taken a Jurisprudence/Legal Theory course or who have a demonstrable background in philosophy.
We will look at the main intellectual origins of legal and political theory in Europe.  Teaching is delivered by twelve, two hour seminars which places a large onus on students to engage in independent work and research.  Students are likely to find that this module compliments their work in other areas by providing a high-end theoretical framework for their independent study.  In particular this module may cover material and develop skills that students will find helpful when it comes to the dissertation part of their LLM programme.  Students that are interested in pursuing an academic career and/or PhD research at a later date are also likely to find this module particularly useful.
There is no single core text per se as required/recommended reading will focus on articles or monograph chapters by different authors. In terms of advance reading, you may wish to look at some of the following texts (each of which is available online or in multiple paper editions):
  • Plato Republic
  • Aristotle Politics
  • Hobbes Leviathan
  • Locke Second Treatise on Government