LLM Carriage of Goods by Sea

Teaching and assessment (2018-19):  Semester 1, 1 x 3 hour examination 

Module description:

Carriage of Goods by Sea covers the law on charterparties and bills of lading, with special emphasis on the areas which most frequently result to shipowner-trade disputes at the same time giving students a thorough knowledge of the principles and law of Carriage of Goods by Sea; to closely analyse the most important cases (from the reported litigation); to obtain the knowledge and skills required to use the relevant law in practice.

The areas to be covered are:

  • The markets and the contracts formed;
  • Charterparties fixing;
  • Law governing charterparties;
  • Vessel seaworthiness;
  • Delivery and re-delivery of a chartered vessel;
  • The voyage of a vessel;
  • Loading and unloading (delay, laytime, demurrage, clauses in voyage charterparties);
  • Time-charters (hire payment, withdrawal and deduction of hire);
  • Bill of lading, charterparty and the contract of carriage;
  • Hague-Visby Rules application;
  • Carrier's duties (related to goods, vessel/voyage, documents) under the Hague-Visby Rules;
  • Goods delivery;
  • Entitlement to sue in contract;
  • Hague-Visby Rules liabilities, limits and exceptions;
  • UNCITRAL Rotterdam on the Instrument on Carriage of Goods by Sea