LLM Criminal Evidence and Proof

Teaching and assessment (2018-19): Semester 1, 1 x 6,000 word essay

Module description:

This module explores the rules and principles that regulate the trial stage of the criminal process. The module is socio-legal in its approach, placing as much emphasis on the theoretical and political context of rules as the content of those rules. It also challenges students to consider a normative agenda.

Topics to be covered include the following:

  • models of proof,
  • adversarial techniques,
  • principles of criminal evidence,
  • burden and standard of proof,
  • relevance,
  • inferences and Bayesian reasoning

In addition, a number of specific evidential rules will be examined. This may include:

  • vulnerable witnesses,
  • character evidence,
  • hearsay evidence,
  • double jeopardy,
  • confessions and improperly obtained evidence.