LLM English Law of International Sale of Goods

Teaching and assessment (2018-19): Semester 2, 1 x 3 hour exam

Module description:

Sale of goods remains one of the central disciplines of commercial law and international sale of goods is the main channel through which international trade is conducted. English law plays an important role in governing international sales transactions, primarily in such sectors as trade in commodities.

The module will comprise some of the central aspects of English law of international sale of goods. It will begin by discussing the justifications of international trade and peculiarities of structures, organisations, and workings of commodities markets. The module will then address the relevance of general contract law to sales law and the relationship between the two areas of law.

The remaining part of the module will focus on the issues peculiar to international sales such as:

  • the definition of a contract of international sale of goods;
  • main types of sales contracts such CIF and FOB contracts;
  • the role and function of bill of lading and other documents;
  • passage of property and risk;
  • export and import licences;
  • remedies for breach of contract;
  • impossibility of performance.