LLM Legal Aspects of Banking Regulation

Module leader: Professor Joanna Gray

Module description:

The Global Financial Crisis that swept through the world in 2008 and whose effects and consequences will reverberate for many years to come has raised some profound questions for financial regulators and many academic disciplines. Law was the tool through which the financial crisis was managed and some innovative legal and regulatory techniques have emerged since with a view to engendering a more stable and resilient financial system.

Using the financial crisis of 2008 and the model of financial regulation that pertained prior to the crisis as a research site this course explores the issues and challenges for the legal system that the financial crisis poses. Its focus is on the prudential regulation of banks in particular and it examines regulatory standards and institutions in the UK, EU and at global level of particular relevance to the stability of banks and the financial system both  prior to 2008 and  afterwards.