LLM International Humanitarian Law

Module description:

International Humanitarian Law (IHL) (also known as the Law of Armed Conflict, or, more anachronistically, the law of war), is one of the oldest, and most contemporarily relevant areas of international law. It is primarily made up of treaty law, but recently with the significant contribution of customary international law, and judicial decisions. It is a specialist form of law that applies to a specific set of circumstances, armed conflicts. In a course of this length it is not possible to cover all of the areas of IHL. However, it is hoped that the course will give candidates an understanding of the relevant rules, how they have been interpreted in practice, and by Courts and Tribunals looking at those rules, which are intended to be practically useful.

Indicative seminar topics:

  • The history, basis and nature of the Law of Armed Conflict
  • Applicability of the Law of Armed Conflict
  • The Wounded, sick and shipwrecked
  • Prisoners of War
  • Combatants and Civilians
  • Means of Warfare
  • Methods of Warfare
  • Belligerent Occupation
  • Non-International Armed Conflict
  • Means of implementation of the Law of Armed Conflict