Student profile: Laura Kiebert

Programme: LLM International Commercial Law
Nationality: Dutch

After I graduated in the Netherlands, I was looking for an LLM programme in the UK that would complement my previous studies and add something valuable to my legal development and knowledge. I found several interesting programmes at different universities throughout the country, but I preferred the one Birmingham Law School offers because of the specific modules and its good reputation.

At the beginning of the academic year, I had to chose my modules from a wide range. There were various interesting options making it difficult to chose. Because it was allowed to attend every single seminar during the first two weeks, this changed my initial selection and I made a deliberate final choice as to the content of my LLM programme. I then decided for instance, to do a module based on English law whereas I have a civil law background. Although I struggled with the common law materials and it was hard work, it was very useful and changed my way of legal thinking. I enjoyed that my modules took the whole year and, as a result, went truly into detail.

What made this year a great learning experience was the small-scaled teaching by means of seminars instead of lectures. As a result, the materials were discussed in depth through discussion. One of my seminars consisted of six students, challenging me to participate actively and be well-prepared. When I had further questions the Academic Staff were easily accessible and always eager to help and clarify.

Acting as one of the student representatives in the LLM Board of the Law School, I noticed that the Law School actually listens to students and always looks for ways to improve the programme, facilities and make concessions.

The Law School frequently organises various career events and is keen on employability awareness. The CV Clinic at the University’s Careers and Employability Centre gave me personal advice on how to present myself in my CV more effectively. After completing this programme, I will apply at a law firm in the Netherlands. This LLM programme will definitely help me to practice commercial law at a higher level in my homecountry.