Student profile: Onanma Glory Ofoma

Programme: LLM International Commercial Law
Nationality: Nigerian

I chose to study at Birmingham Law school  as it offers a rich diversity of LLM Programmes and a variety of modules from which a prospective student can easily make a choice. The University is located in one of UK’s largest cities, with relatively moderate cost of living as well as easy access to various other parts of the UK.

The best things about the LLM programme include the assorted range of modules available which effectively cater to the academic and career aspirations of just about any student wishing to pursue a postgraduate course in law; the highly qualified academic staff; access to vast reference materials in the Harding Law library as well as on the e-library and the mode of teaching which is mostly seminar-based and interactive.

I rate the teaching on the course very highly principally because of the interactive nature of the seminars. Active participation in class is encouraged and the benefit of this is that from the onset, students are able to gain a good understanding of their courses and this process builds up right up to the end of the programme. The end result of this is that at the completion of the LLM degree programme, students are well grounded in their chosen fields of study.

I enrolled in the school’s Centre for Modern Languages Open Access Language Programme to improve on my knowledge of the French language. I have studied French up to an advanced level and my passion and flair for the language aside, I believe the knowledge of a widely-spoken foreign language is more of an advantage to have than not. I also attended workshops organised by BPP Law School on Commercial Awareness and was awarded a Certificate of Commercial Awareness.

With the awareness created by one of the tutors of the Law Faculty, I was availed the opportunity of attending seminars at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, London. These seminars proved to be instructive and enlightening. Also, I attended various career fairs and lectures organised by the University on a number of occasions.

After I graduate, I plan to stay back a short while in the UK, to gain some relevant work experience. The combination of a British postgraduate degree and work experience will hopefully furnish me some edge in the job market when I eventually return to my home country Nigeria.