Student profile: Akshay Patani

Programme: LLM Commercial Law
Nationality: Indian

There are many reasons why I decided to select Birmingham to pursue my post graduate studies. The world class research facilities are a major draw and the Law School is one of the best in the UK with an international reputation and a highly experienced faculty.

On the LLM programme there are a wide range of modules available allowing you to chose those which best fit your interests and career plans. The teaching on the course is excellent and helps you to feel at ease; especially Dr. Saidov, whose teaching style makes you comfortable and makes the subject easy to learn. I recommend new students select at least one module under him.

During my time at Birmingham I participated in one of the internal mooting competitions and this gave me the opportunity to see new court procedures and the different ways people chose to make their cases. 

Outside of the school I joined the Bharat Pariwar group in the Guild. I am proud to say that I am technical secretary of this group. It is great fun to socialise with your Indian friends. It also helped me to understand the culture of this country and most importantly it helps to improve your skills to work in groups and develops your leadership quality.

After finishing the LLM I am planning to return to India and pursue my legal career as a professional.