Student profile: Xi Zhang

Photograph of LLM student Xi Zhang

Programme: International Commercial Law
Nationality: Chinese

I chose to study in the UK because a Masters programme takes one year instead of the three it would take in China. The legal system in China is undergoing changes and the country requires more scholars who have learnt about UK law to help shape the future direction of the Chinese legal system.

The campus is extremely beautiful with lots of trees and plants, the environment is really nice and I enjoy walking in from my accommodation. The University has its own train station which is really convenient for travelling as it makes getting to most places very easy. Birmingham is a nice place to be as the weather is not too cold or wet and the people are extremely friendly and take the time to talk to you.

Birmingham has a huge shopping centre and a great Chinatown with a fantastic supermarket so it is possible to get a taste of home even in Birmingham. There is lots of choice around the city and it’s possible to get really good prices 

The LLM programme has a good mix of UK and international students so you feel at home and make lots of good friends from all across the globe. I’ve felt more inspired to learn since I’ve been here as discussions are a key part of seminars and it makes you get involved and take a greater interest in the subject area.

Birmingham University is very famous in China. Having a degree from such a prestigious university will benefit me when I start looking for a job. When I graduate I will either apply for a PHD or return to China and get a job working for the court."