Holdsworth Presidential Address: Lord Hughes

Law School, Lecture Theatre 1
Friday 6 March 2015 (11:00-12:00)
Photo of the University Crest

Criminal Responsibility: when is a disordered mind a guilty mind?

Every year the Holdsworth Club invites a prominent judge or lawyer to be the Holdsworth President for that year. The main duty is to deliver the Holdsworth Presidential Address, a lecture on a topic of their choice.

The Address has been delivered every year since 1928 and the list of past Holdsworth Club Presidents reads like a Who’s Who of the most prominent lawyers of the past 80+ years.

This year’s Holdsworth President is The Right Hon Lord Hughes of Ombersley, Justice of the Supreme Court, who will speak on the topic of 'Criminal Responsibility: when is a disordered mind a guilty mind?'

 Lord Hughes will deliver the annual Presidential Address on 6 March 2015 and also, on that date, will the Camm Cup mooting final. 


Please note: an earlier version of this page erroneusly indicated the lecture was in a different building. Lord Hughes will be speaking in the LAW SCHOOL in lecture theatre 1, top floor.

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