Stream in Honour of Professor Gordon R Woodman at the ASA 2018 conference

Tuesday 11 September 2018 (10:45-15:30)

The 2018 African Studies Association conference takes place at the University of Birmingham. At that meeting, a stream of papers will take place in honour of Professor Gordon Woodman's work. This is co-sponsored by BLS and Cardiff Law and Justice.

African Law in Historical, Comparative and International Perspective

African Feminist Judgments Project 

Welcome Address & Reception - 1045 Tuesday 11th September 2018
Harding Moot Room, Law Building 


 1130-1300 Tuesday 11th September - Panel 1 - Poynting – Lecture Theatre S06 

Law in Africa: International Contexts 

Chair: John Harrington

The African Backlash against International Courts
Peter Brett 

The Malabo Protocol as the new African threshold regarding the compliance of international criminal law
Rui Verde 

The Elephant in the Room: Patriarchal Customary laws as an Impediment to Gender Equality
Jonathan Dambe Baboki 

13:00 Tuesday 11 September
Harding Moot Court Room

Keynote lecture, African Feminist Judgments Project 

Professor Erika Rackley, Kent Law School

1400-1530 Tuesday 11 September
Panel 2 - Arts – Lecture Room 7

Law, Custom and Social Change in Ghana

Chair: John Harrington 

Law as a Tool of Social Change
Nana S.K.B. Asante (paper will be delivered by Victor Chimbwanda)

Gendering Justice in Post-Colonial Ghana: how women parliamentarians secured a Maintenance of Children Act in 1965 
Kate Skinner  

Redefining Customary Law in Contemporary University Legal Education (#796)
Victor Chimbwanda

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