Reimagining Environmental Law

Birmingham Law School
Friday 11 January 2019 (09:30-16:30)

Birmingham Law School, with the support of Centre for Professional Legal Education and Research, is organising a one-day workshop on reimagining environmental law. This workshop is concerned with how environmental law has been taught at UK universities. Environmental law has been an optional module and there are very few variations in the module content between different law schools. However, this legal discipline is facing emerging legal issues which are not reflected in the traditional curriculum across the UK. Moreover, almost 80 per cent of UK environmental law derives from EU environmental law and it is expected that the impact of Brexit will be particularly profound in this area. Thus, the aim of this workshop is to discuss these challenges and provide recommendations on how to best modernise the course syllabus.


10:00-10:05 Introductory remarks – Professor Bob Lee

10:05 Theoretical influences on environmental law
Chair: Professor Bob Lee

10:05-10:25 Professor Elen Stokes: ‘Normal Chaos of Environmental Law’

10:25-10:45 Dr Ole Pedersen: ‘The Cultures and Theories of Environmental Law’

10:45-11:15 Discussion

11:15-11:30 Coffee break

11:30 Interdisciplinary approaches to environmental law
Chair: Associate Professor Jason Lowther

11:30-11:50 Dr Veerle Heyveart: ‘Environmental Law and the Jack of All Trades Challenge’

11:50-12:10 Dr Joanne Hawkins: ‘What does it mean to be Interdisciplinary? Reflecting on the Challenges and Opportunities for Environmental Law’

12:10-12:30 Discussion

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30 Teaching Environmental Law
Chair: Dr Aleksandra Cavoski

13:30-13:50 Dr Steven Vaughan: ‘Why Is Environmental Law a Fringe Subject’

13:50-14:10 Professor Gitta Gill: ‘Environmental Law in Asia’

14:10-14:30 Discussion

14:30-14:45 Coffee break

14:45 Environmental Law Curriculum post Brexit
Chair: Dr Walters Nsoh

14:45-15:05 Dr Aleksandra Cavoski: ‘Environmental Law Curriculum post Brexit’

15:05-15:35 Adjunct Professor Warren Lavey: ‘Climate Law in Many Courses to Teach Basic Topics’

15:25-15:35 Discussion

15:35-16:00 Concluding Remarks

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