Exploring Inspirational Teaching within BLS and how to get recognition for the same

Senior Common Room - Law Building
Wednesday 16 October 2019 (13:00-14:00)
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  • BLS Research Seminar 

Postgraduate students and academic staff are welcome to attend.

In this ‘education themed’ BLS staff seminar, Emma Flint (Education and Innovation Lead, CPELER) will be exploring what makes for inspirational teaching in the conventional setting of the classroom or lecture theatre. There is much evidence and pedagogical research on what strategies we should adopt to develop students who can be effective, critical, independent learners. However, the effective use of such strategies may not be enough to result in ‘inspirational’ face-to-face teaching. This staff seminar will create opportunity for considering what attributes need to sit alongside our pedagogical expertise which are needed for inspirational teaching and whether these attributes can be learnt and developed. The session will also allow for sharing between colleagues and the ‘lived experience’ of those BLS colleagues who have been awarded recognition for their teaching practice through the Beacon scheme, HEFi Awards/Scholarships and CAL teaching awards. Anyone wishing to learn more about the attributes which contribute to excellent, inspirational teaching, and how you can supported to develop those attributes & get recognition for the same, is encouraged to attend.

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