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11th December - Interface China: Can it Integrate into the World Trading System?

11th December - Christmas themes in Law

11th December - Law PhD Proposals and Funding Applications Workshop

11th December - Flexibility Provisions in Multilateral Trade Agreements

10th December - The Retreat from Multilateralism and the Challenges of Global Economic Governance from an EU Perspective

9th December - Everyday Cyborgs 2.0 - Alternative Legal Futures

5th December - The Strategic Use of Public Procurement for Industrial Purpose in Emerging Economies

5th December - Law PGR Career Development and Networking Event

4th December - Theme event - Human Rights, Development, and Global Legal Studies

27th November - Law and Language: Translating the EU Acquis for accession

27th November - Law in Translation – the case of the Balkans

27th November - Gender and Law Research seminar - Dr Kathryn McNeilly

21st November - Leaders in Law: Simone George

21st November - Being Human Festival 2019: 21st Century Body Panel Discussion with Q&A

20th November - Global Patient Safety Law, Policy and Practice

14th November - The EU, Eurasia and their Trade Relations

13th November - Making / Protecting Time for Research and Scholarship

13th November - Gender and Law Research seminar - Dr Flora Renz

6th November - Theme event - Care, Relationships, Health

30th October - Gender and Law Research seminar - Dr Katherine Brown

25th October - Bal Sokhi-Bulley (Sussex) - Rights as a Relational Ethics of Friendship

23rd October - Theme event - Violence, Crime, Justice with Rob Cryer and Carol Jones

17th October - Leaders in Law Lecture: Edward Fitzgerald CBE QC

16th October - Exploring Inspirational Teaching within BLS and how to get recognition for the same

14th October - Reflections on reproductive rights in Ecuador

9th October - Theme event - Law, Technology and Ethics

2nd October - Special measures and humane treatment: The lost leg of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act (1999)

3rd September - Consultation event: building families through surrogacy: a new law

9th July - The response to HIV from Human Rights and the UN Strategy 90-90-90

20th June - Birmingham Law School Conference

18th June - Justice in Transitions

30th May - International Economic Law working group

29th May - Damages before the European Court of Human Rights

15th May - Dynamic Justice Problems

8th May - On teaching International Law

7th May - Researching legal education

4th April - The Impact of the medical profession on abortion laws in transitional and post-conflict societies

21st March - Race, Inclusion and Excellence in Law Schools: A Perspective From Three Continents

13th March - Left to figure it out for themselves: the formation of a hybrid or synthetic civic identity among undergraduate students at a university in the UK

6th March - Cultures of Interpretation. The Case of International Humanitarian Law

27th February - Accountability for Counter-Terrorism

27th February - Grenfell: from crime to social harm

20th February - The French implementation of the EU CSR Directive

6th February - Balancing Freedom of Conscience and the Right to Non-Discrimination on the Ground of Sexual Orientation: Beyond Ongoing Culture Wars

23rd January - Race and the Law

11th January - Reimagining Environmental Law


12th December - Key pitfalls of requiring recourse to the criminal law through human rights: reflections on ECtHR doctrine

12th December - Global Legal Studies Reading Group - December

5th December - Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Sustainable Development: Law and Governance Innovations for Integrated Decision-Making

5th December - Our research and Birmingham: past, present and future

4th December - The NHS and Health Law Post Brexit: Views from Stakeholders and the Devolved Jurisdictions

28th November - Minorities and the Ideology of the Postcolonial State in Indian Constituent Assembly Debates 1946-1950

28th November - EU citizenship as meaningful citizenship

23rd November - Abortion Law Reform in Ireland North and South: Activism and Non-Legal Contributions

21st November - Transnational Counter-Terrorism: The Urgent Need for Constitutionalist Attention

21st November - Hijacking Human Rights: Neoliberalism, the New Historiography, and the End of the Third World

14th November - The problem with companies, sustainability and 'gender empowerment'

7th November - Multi choice examinations

7th November - Global Legal Studies Reading Group - November

31st October - Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Locus of Constituent Power in the United Kingdom

31st October - Concepts and Theories

24th October - Deals, Disregard and Destitution: How our Criminal Justice Systems address Deviance and the Crimes We Ignore

24th October - Pebblepad and personal tutees

21st October - The Disappearance of Miss Bebb: A Celebrity Play Reading and Conference

17th October - Tangled Webs and Distal Horizons

12th-14th October - British Academy Writing Workshop - Dhaka, Bangladesh

3rd October - Best practice in feedback and assessment

3rd October - Global Legal Studies Reading Group - October

28th September - Workshop on Counter-Terrorism Review

11th September - Reimagining Health Law

11th September - Stream in Honour of Professor Gordon R Woodman at the ASA 2018 conference

4th-5th July - Policymakers Workshop on Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain Regulation

2nd July - Enforcement and compliance on environmental matters in the face of Brexit

26th-27th June - Critical Commercial and Corporate Law Symposium

21st June - Interdisciplinary Reflections on Adversities, Trauma and Resilience

13th June - Being Digital Scholars

6th June - From PhD to Book

31st May - Ireland's Referendum on Abortion: A Time for Change?

30th May - Topic to be confirmed

23rd May - Contemporary Challenges in Family Law

16th May - Are British Overseas Territories modern day Colonies? A case study of Gibraltar

9th May - Potluck & 'academic community' discussion

2nd May - #MeToo, discussing sensitive issues in classroom settings

25th April - LGBTQI Employment Discrimination Rights in the United States

13th March - In Conversation with John Kendall

6th March - Toward a Political Geography of Abortion

1st March - Leaders in Law Lecture: Iryna Polovets, WTO

28th February - Making a difference in the age of the neoliberal university

27th February - Spatiality and Abortion Travel

26th February - A Global Study of Same Sex Marriage: Universalism or Cultural Relativism?

21st February - Normative Agency, Law, and Moral Holidays

14th February - Anatomies of an Academic Career

7th February - Nationalist Discourse and the Paradoxes of Postcolonial Statehood

31st January - Methodological Reflections on Law as a Social Science

24th January - Rethinking Vulnerability in Legal Research

23rd January - Holdsworth Presidential Address: Postponed

17th January - Interactivity in Teaching

15th January - Leaders in Law lecture: Professor Nils Melzer

10th January - Interdisciplinarity in research


6th December - Briefing on HEFCE Update on REF

4th December - China's National Security: Endangering Hong Kong's Rule of Law

29th November - Law, Language and Translation

27th November - Re-imagining EU Law: Brexit and the Law School

22nd November - Perspectives on PhD Supervision

21st November - Transgender Rights: A Personal Perspective

15th November - Healthcare after Brexit: Building a Research Agenda

8th November - Researching Lawyers and Lawyering

1st November - Some Reflections on Methods in Analysing Law and Time

25th October - Building an Inclusive Curriculum

18th October - Pot Luck Lunch and Group Discussion: The Social Academic

12th October - CEPLER Invitation to a Free Consultation on the Law of Wills

11th October - Rethinking Assessment

4th October - Perspectives on 'Judicial Power'

4th October - Achieving Contextual Sentencing in the court room in Uganda through Community Impact Statements: whither kinship justice?

27th September - The Three Minute Researcher

27th September - Dr Laurens Lavrysen - Human Rights in a Positive State

26th September - Re-imagining Land Law

21st September - Law, translation and migration: an enlightening relationship

20th September - Debt and Debt Relief

15th September - Theory and Method in Doctrinal and Socio-Legal Studies

24th-25th August - Criminal Justice Reform in Comparative Perspective

22nd June - Homicide Post-Jogee

13th June - Freedom to Speak- or Freedom to Speak Up; Where now for whistleblowing in the NHS?

1st June - Who our judges are and why it matters

31st May - Reflection & Critique: Assessing Aspects of an Advocacy Module

31st May - Distinguished Fulbright Lecture: Counter terrorism and the phenomenon of "suspect communities"

26th May - Why we all have a duty to care about dementia

24th May - Conceptualising Security

23rd May - Polyphonic Discourses of Capacity: Consonance and dissonance in medico-legal interaction

10th May - 3 Minute Thesis

4th May - Health Law and the UK: Where Now After Brexit?

4th May - Running the NHS After Brexit

3rd May - Burying an agenda in Brussels: Law, information, and the fate of fiscal governance

27th April - Brown Bag Lunch: Professor Robert Lee - What good is health care?

26th April - Citizenship and Punishment

22nd March - Planning for Promotions

22nd March - Saul Lehrfreund MBE

10th March - Holdsworth Presidential Address: Dame Elizabeth Gloster

8th March - REF Calibration

1st March - Improving the Research Environment

24th February - Post-Brexit Britain in A World of Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs)

22nd February - Managing an academic workload

8th February - Ask the Editors

8th February - Brexit and Article 50: The impacts on the Constitution and on Fundamental Rights

7th February - Leaders in Law: Judge Mirjana Lazarova Trajkovska

1st February - 'Reflecting on a new core module... Talking About "Legal Communication and Writing

26th January - Leaders in Law: Stephen Denyer

25th January - Miller Case Rapid Reaction Roundtable

18th January - Jus Cogens and International Crimes: Do they make a difference?'

18th January - James Timpson OBE

11th January - BLS after the QLD


10th December - World Human Rights Day: Tuesday 10th December

4th December - Queer Inheritance, Kinship, Law

21st November - Ebola: Towards an International Health Systems Fund

21st-22nd November - Conference: A Critical Exploration of Global Health Law

18th November - Young prisoners - A research discussion event

18th November - Documentary Screening: The Edge of Joy

4th November - The underlying principle in nuisance claims

15th October - Rehabilitation revolution? Young prisoners experiences of re-integration and resettlement

17th September - Workshop: Re-imagining the Teaching of Criminal Law

26th-27th June - Reforming the EU: The Future of European Law & Policy

25th June - Leaving Europe? The Legal, Political and Economic Implications of a UK Exit from the EU

24th June - Dogs, Owners & Responsibility: Law in the Doghouse?

19th June - Research seminar: The Silenced Citizens of Russia: Exclusion of Nonheterosexual Subjects From Rights-Based Citizenship

13th June - Transcending Boundaries in the Law: Postgraduate Research Conference

5th June - Care and Relationality Research Workshop

14th May - Research seminar: Re-thinking the burdens of modern imprisonment

7th May - Comparative legal and ethical issues surrounding assisted reproductive techniques in animals

30th April - Towards a Theory of Legal Subjectivity

26th March - Research seminar: title to be confirmed

21st March - Holdsworth Presidential Address: Lady Justice Hallett

20th March - When Life means Death...

19th March - Law In Practice: His Honour Judge Martin Cardinal

12th March - Research seminar: title to be confirmed

12th March - Leaders in Law: Professor Francois Crepeau

5th March - Research seminar: title to be confirmed

26th February - Is Humanity Now Enough? The Future of International Refugee Protection

19th February - Research seminar: title to be announced

12th February - Communication Challenges faced by Litigants in Person in the Adversarial Court Proceedings

5th February - Why you don't want to own your body?

29th January - Harmful Societies: Examining the production of harm in capitalist societies

22nd January - UN Immunity or Impunity?