Dr Djakhongir Saidov to act as Rapporteur on Conformity of Goods & Public Law Regulations

Birmingham Law School Senior Lecturer Dr Djakhongir Saidov has been invited to act as Rapporteur for the CISG Advisory Council on the issue of Conformity of Goods and Public Law Regulations.

CISG Advisory Council is an authoritative private body, comprising leading scholars from around the world, which aims to promote uniform interpretation of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The CISG-AC has Observer status at the United Nations Commission on the International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). Click here for more information on the work of the CISG-AC.

Dr Saidov specialises in international commercial law and law relating to international oil and gas operations. He has written extensively on various aspects of the international sale of goods and international commercial law instruments. He is the editor of the English Sales of Goods Law section in the LMCLQ International Maritime and Commercial Law Yearbook. At Birmingham Law School he is the Director of our LLM programmes.