Criminal Law Reform Network

If you could change one thing in the criminal law, what would it be? 

Speakers at the Criminal Law Reform Now Conference in September 2021 presented and explored ten different answers to this question, showcasing important ideas for criminal law reform from across academia and legal practice. Speaker briefs will be collated and submitted by us to the Law Commission to meet their July consultation deadline. The proposals (and responses) will be brought together into an edited collection with Hart - subject to finalisation of the contract.  

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 Presentations from the Criminal Law Reform Now Conference

Introductory Remarks

Dr John Child  – CLRNN, Prof Penney Lewis – Law Commission 

The Individual Liability of Corporate Officers for Employee Crime

 Prof Jeremy Horder, LSE and Ms Gabriele Watts  

Consent to bodily harm and the public interest

Dr Daniel Bansal and Dr Tracy Elliott, University of Leicester

Decriminalisation of Prostitution

Dr Tanya Palmer, University of Sussex

On Context, Control and Conviction: Lingering Questions of Liability in Domestic Abuse

 Prof Vanessa Munro, University of Warwick

A modest proposal to decriminalise the simple possession of drugs

Prof Alex Stevens, University of Kent; Ms Niamh Eastwood and Ms Kirstie Douse, Release

 Is It Time for the Next Seminal Economic Crime Statute? Modernising and Simplifying Tax Evasion Offences in the UK

 Ms Samantha Bourton, UWE

Presumptive right to anonymity

Dr Joe Purshouse, UEA

Post appeal decision-making. Reforming the powers of the Criminal Cases Review Commission

 Dr Lucy Welsh, University of Sussex


Mr Paul Jarvis, Barrister and CLRNN Committee Member

Dynamics and drivers for change in the criminal justice system

Mr Stephen Wooler, Barrister and CLRNN Committee Member