Behind the Scenes at Birmingham Law School

With Behind the Scenes at BLS we talk to a different member of our community and share their stories with you online. Here you can find all of our spotlights to date.

We welcome contributions from students, postgraduates, academic and professional services staff members, if you would like to contribute to Behind the Scenes, please contact Dr Meghan Campbell.

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Sumirat Saini

Sumirat Saini talks on how being a part of BLS gave him opportunities to explore his passion for the law and develop mentorship skills to help others succeed.

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Josephine Gillingwater

Josephine Gillingwater

Josephine Gillingwater explains that at BLS she gained the skills not only to interpret and analyse the law, but through the pro bono programme, the skills needed to engage with people that the law impacts.

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Amy Tabari

Amy Tabari

Amy Tabari passionately explains how her role in the pro bono programmes at BLS uses the legal skills she has developed in practice and gives access to legal services to people in the community who need it the most.

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Anant Rangan

Although studying law was not part of his carefully thought-out plan Anant Rangan talks about how being apart of BLS has exceeded his expectations and gave him opportunities to jumpstart his legal career

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Mary Connolly

Mary Connolly reflects on how BLS will provided her with the knowledge, inspiration and skills needed to constructively disrupt and transform the legal industry and society.

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Sharla Peters

Sharla Peters reflects on how coming from working-class roots meant joining BLS was a culture shock and how the supportive and diverse environment made her law school experience a success.

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Anton Fischer

Anton Fischer

Lecturer and international law practitioner Anton Fischer talks on how he attempts to combine the things he loves to one single endeavour: to do something meaningful and to inspire.

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Maria Vittoria Morandi

Maria Vittoria Morandi charts her journey from believing she had to just memorise the law to confidentially commenting and engaging with the peculiarities of the English legal system

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Samantha Schnobel

Samantha Schnobel

Lecturer ´╗┐Samantha Schnobel talks about how academia gives her the opportunity to combine her love of history, people, medicine, obligations and relationality and how she aims to spark her curiosity in her students.

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Priscilla Nketiah

Third year LLB student, Priscilla Nketiah talks with Behind the Scenes on how she entered BLS not knowing much about the law and how her the experiences during her degree prepared her for the next step of her journey.

Behind the Scenes at BLS: Daminee Budhi

Daminee Budhi

Alumna Daminee Budhi reflects on how her mother's activism for women's equality inspired her to pursue a legal career and current work in civil society to support the rights of trans, non-binary and gender diverse people

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