News - Birmingham Law School

Research Spotlight: international commercial dispute resolution

A view of the Aston Webb entrance on the University of Birmingham campus
This month’s Research Spotlight is on Georgia Antonopoulou and her work in international commercial dispute resolution
03 February 2023

How (not) to recognise Kosovo: judicial pragmatism or judicial whitewash?

Dr Alexander Orakhelashvili
Dr Alexander Orakhelashvili discusses the judgment by the Court of Justice of the European Union on legal status of Kosovo
27 January 2023

Call for Papers: Reimagining Public Law workshop

House of Commons Chamber: Speaker's table
We seek expressions of interest from current graduate research students, working on UK public law, in attending and presenting at the workshop. 
20 January 2023

Change the law to make sexual activity by deception illegal, say experts

A hand banging a gavel on a polished table
The law must be toughened up to make intentionally deceiving a person into engaging in sexual activity a crime, according to a new report published today.
17 January 2023

Constitutional environmental duties of individuals

Dr Lovleen Bhullar
At the BLS blog, Dr Lovleen Bhullar discusses constitutional environmental duties of individuals in the context of India’s constitutional law and practice.
16 January 2023

Justice as Recognition

Dr Synda Obaji
Dr Synda Obaji writes for the BLS Research Blog on why the participation of rural African women in environmental decision-making matters.
09 January 2023

Hate Speech, free Speech and Draft Online Safety Bill

Dr Peter Coe
In his second article for the Birmingham Law School Research blog, Dr Peter Coe discusses the human rights implications of the draft Online Safety Bill
16 December 2022

Media Freedom in the Age of Citizen Journalism

Dr Peter Coe
Birmingham Law School's Dr Peter Coe writes for the BLS Research blog.
14 December 2022

A Constitutional Prod: Transformative Constitutionalism and Taxation

Dr Daisy Ogembo
Dr Daisy Ogembo writes for the Birmingham Law School Research Blog
13 December 2022

Extreme violence, prisons, and the prospects of anti-carceral human rights

Dr Silvana Tapia Tapia writes for the Birmingham Law School Research Blog.
08 December 2022

Elephant in the courtroom

students walking under the law school arches at the University of Birmingham
Dr Alexander Orakhelashvili writes for the Birmingham Law School Research Blog
08 December 2022

Internships in St Lucia

Birmingham Law School building
Our Law students share their experiences on their month-long internships in St Lucia.
30 November 2022
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