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Pan-Asianism and International Law

Professor Mohammad Shahabuddin
In the latest post on the BLS Research Blog, Professor Mohammad Shahabuddin introduces his latest research findings on pan-Asianism and international law
25 April 2023

Synthetic Biology: Give me a cell and I will feed the world

A vast wheat field stretching out to a horizon of trees, with a blue dawn sky overhead filled with pink and purple clouds
The Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act [PBA] has now received royal assent. What does this legislation mean in practice?
18 April 2023

Research Spotlight: Dr Silvana Tapia Tapia

Dr Silvana Tapia Tapia
Birmingham Law School's Research Blog's monthly research spotlight for April
05 April 2023

Being open and honest with patients

Birmingham Law School building
John Tingle discusses the relationship between doctors and their patients
03 April 2023

Withdrawal in all but name

Dr Alexander Orakhelashvili
Birmingham Law School's Dr Alexander Orakhelashvili discusses the Government’s response to Parliamentary Committee’s comments on the Bill of Rights Bill
29 March 2023

Periods not Prejudice: Florida legislation prohibits the human rights of children

A school teacher standing in front of her students in a classroom.
Dr Meghan Campbell, Reader in International Human Rights explains how Florida legislation for sex education in schools prohibits the human rights of children.
28 March 2023

The Casey report into the Met reveals ingrained 'warrior culture' in the police force.

Two Metropolitan police officers walking in a park.
Dr Tara Lai Quinlan explains how the findings from the Casey report showcase the institutional 'warrior culture' within the Metropolitan police force.
21 March 2023

Putin in the dockyard? Or whatever international lawyers ought to (have) reflect(ed) on

Photo of Alexander Orakhelashvili
Dr Alexander Orakhelashvili discusses the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court’s prosecutor against the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.
20 March 2023

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and prudential regulation

Pile of American dollar bills
Dr Andreas Kokkinis explains what the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank tells us about prudential regulation.
16 March 2023

Licence fee threatened by Gary Lineker and the BBC impartiality crisis

BBC News website banner
If the BBC pandered to Conservative MPs' demands over the Match of the Day presenter, the broadcaster's credibility, purpose and existence will be undermined.
16 March 2023

A new court open for international business soon: the Commercial Court in Cyprus

Georgia Antonopoulou (Birmingham Law School) & Xandra Kramer discuss the novel international commercial court established in Cyprus
13 March 2023

Patient safety, clinical guidelines, and the law

Las Srudents walking under the Birmingham Law School arches
John Tingle writes for the Birmingham Law School Research Blog.
08 March 2023
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