Amy Lawton

Amy Lawton

Birmingham Law School
Doctoral researcher

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Birmingham Law School
University of Birmingham
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Title of thesis: Environmental taxation as a form of environmental protection: Implementing the second phase of the Carbon Reduction Commitment

Supervisors: Steven Vaughan and Penelope Tuck


  • LLB (Hons) Law with French - University of Sheffield
  • LLM in International Commercial Law - University of Birmingham


During my time as an undergraduate, I had the opportunity to not only study English law, but also French law. Whilst living in France, I worked towards a one-year Higher Education diploma in French Law at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon III. I continued my interest in international and comparative law during my LLM in International Commercial Law at the University of Birmingham. It is during my time at Birmingham that I found the passion for my research area: environmental taxation.

Doctoral research

PhD title
Environmental taxation as a form of environmental protection: Implementing the second phase of the Carbon Reduction Commitment
Law PhD / PhD by Distance Learning / MPhil / MJur


In light of the acceptance by many that climate change is linked to Greenhouse Gas emissions and the mounting focus of resources on combating climate change,  my project aims to shed light on one of the major regulatory schemes for emissions within the UK. My project will therefore consider the overall efficiency of the Carbon Reduction Commitment following the 2012 reforms. This will include a consideration of the overarching theories of green taxation alongside the practical impacts of phase two of the CRC scheme. As the scheme enters into its second phase, up-to-date data will now become available on how the reforms have changed the scheme in a practical sense.


  • 'Response to Government Consultation on Environmental Taxation' (November 2015)
  • 'Environmental Taxation and Green Fiscal Reform' (2015) 27(2) Journal of Environmental Law 357
  • (Book review) Amy Lawton, Environmental Taxation and Green Fiscal Reform: Theory and Impact (2015) 27(2) JEL 357
  • (Book review) Amy Lawton, The Political Economy of Sustainable Development: Policy Instruments and Market Mechanisms (2016) 5(2) TEL 449
  • 'Green Taxation Theory in Practice: the 2012 Reforms of the Carbon Reduction Commitment' (2016) 18(2) ELR 126-141