Stories from the field

In this section, you will find a selection of stories and updates from the field, as well as photographs and video clips from the researchers’ scoping and field visits to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia and Uganda.


Of Objects, War and Endurance

Dr Eunice Otuko Apio reflects on the CSRS research trip to BiH, commending the country's beauty but also drawing inspiration from the war-damaged infrastructure as a metaphor for survivor's resilience and reconciliation, and questioning the progress of transition.

Time and Transitional Justice

Dr Janine Natalya Clark reflects on the research trip in BiH, explaining the process of the project questionnaire and exploring the complex relationship between reconciliation and time, and the importance of acknowledging the contemporary issues survivors face as a result of their experiences.

Some Reflections from Bosnia-Herzegovina

Dr Yoana Fernanda Nieto Valdivieso reflects on the transitional period towards peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina following the CSRS Research Team's visit to BiH.

Emina's story

A survivor of the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Emina recently set up her own NGO bringing together local women to talk, to socialize and to use their various skills to make items such as soaps, liqueurs and clothing which they can subsequently sell.
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