Research seminars

Every Wednesday during term, the Birmingham Law School faculty and graduate students meet for an informal seminar, reflecting on issues relating to our research, teaching innovation and excellence.


These internal seminars complement the research seminars and activities that are carried out throughout the year, from guest lectures to major conferences and smaller research seminars, and at which external speakers are invited to join, provoke curiosity and reflection, and engage with the academics and graduate students at BLS. Wednesday afternoon seminars are held in the Senior Common Room in the Law School from 1-2 pm..

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There are no seminars currently on the schedule. Please check back when the new semester begins.

Research seminar archive:


12th December - Key pitfalls of requiring recourse to the criminal law through human rights: reflections on ECtHR doctrine

12th December - Global Legal Studies Reading Group - December

5th December - Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Sustainable Development: Law and Governance Innovations for Integrated Decision-Making

5th December - Our research and Birmingham: past, present and future

28th November - Minorities and the Ideology of the Postcolonial State in Indian Constituent Assembly Debates 1946-1950

28th November - EU citizenship as meaningful citizenship

21st November - Transnational Counter-Terrorism: The Urgent Need for Constitutionalist Attention

14th November - The problem with companies, sustainability and 'gender empowerment'

7th November - Multi choice examinations

7th November - Global Legal Studies Reading Group - November

31st October - Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Locus of Constituent Power in the United Kingdom

31st October - Concepts and Theories

24th October - Pebblepad and personal tutees

17th October - Tangled Webs and Distal Horizons

3rd October - Best practice in feedback and assessment

3rd October - Global Legal Studies Reading Group - October

13th June - Being Digital Scholars

6th June - From PhD to Book

30th May - Topic to be confirmed

23rd May - Contemporary Challenges in Family Law

16th May - Are British Overseas Territories modern day Colonies? A case study of Gibraltar

9th May - Potluck & 'academic community' discussion

2nd May - #MeToo, discussing sensitive issues in classroom settings

25th April - LGBTQI Employment Discrimination Rights in the United States

28th February - Making a difference in the age of the neoliberal university

21st February - Normative Agency, Law, and Moral Holidays

14th February - Anatomies of an Academic Career

7th February - Nationalist Discourse and the Paradoxes of Postcolonial Statehood

31st January - Methodological Reflections on Law as a Social Science

24th January - Rethinking Vulnerability in Legal Research

17th January - Interactivity in Teaching

10th January - Interdisciplinarity in research