Ali Muhammad Al Shangity

Ali Muhammad Al Shangity

Department of Modern Languages
Doctoral researcher

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PhD Title: A linguistic analysis of humour theories in satirical political articles written by two famous Arab female authors.
Supervisor: Dr Anissa Daoudi 
PhD Italian Studies


  • Master of Arts in Linguistics, from North Eastern Illinois University
  • Bachelor of Arts in European Languages- English, from King Abdulaziz University

Doctoral research

PhD title


The research highlights the most significant contribution to theories about humour as a genre in the Arab World not only as an autonomous genre but as a part of the South Global. There also will be an investigation about approaches used in studying humour in the South Global and North Global as well.  It also offers a discussion of the employment of humour in Arabic literature. Moreover, this research provides explanations and analysis of the development of satirical style of writing and the creation of humour as methods through which Arab writers raise the awareness of social and political issues in their societies.

The main sources of the data for this study is collected from twenty novels that represent an e-Arabic genre. The proposed study will provide linguistic and discursive analysis of some popular Arabic satirical novels written by women. Novels will be chosen according to their popularity in their respective countries and their similarities in terms of the targeted readers and the issues they address. There will be analysis and explanations of the use of language-based humour that is marked by the use of puns and metaphor in the language of the novels.