Balsam Mustafa

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Department of Modern Languages
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Translating Islamic State (Daesh): reframing narratives
Supervisors: Dr Natalia Rulyova and Professor Scott Lucas
PhD in Modern Languages (Translation)

I started my PhD at Birmingham University in 2013. My focus is on translation, media, and politics, particularly with regards to Islamic State in Iraq.  I completed my BA and MA in translation and interpreting studies in Al-Mustansirriya University, Baghdad, Iraq.


I'm doing my PhD project at the Department of Modern Languages.  However, since it's an interdisciplinary project, I'm co-supervised by Prof. Scott Lucas at POLSIS Department, College of Social Sciences.

My thesis examines the construction and translation of narratives by Islamic State and how these are received and retranslated by Western and Arabic media.  My model of analysis is based on a social narrative approach to translation studies (Baker, 2006) which I combine to a multimodal approach to communication studies (Kress, 2009).  I also draw on Barthes' semiotic analysis of images (1977).  The study presents a new way to look at translation in a broad sense in order to link it to media, and communication studies.  My project will also have an impact on other fields such as International Relations and Politics.