Sauerkraut Cup

Photograph of a football team in red shirts

The Sauerkraut Cup 2011football tournament took place at Aston on 2 April 2011. This annualinter-university football match aims to promote the German language whilstraising the profile of German language students. Students from differentuniversities contest the trophy, and hopefully, the game will encourage evenmore people to study German. Together with 16 of our students, we went to thissporting highlight of the year. 

We took two eight-strong mixed teams -Powerkraut and Bayern Brümchen - and two enthusiastic supporters. Altogether,20 teams took part in the competition. The weather was fantastic and spiritswere high. By the end of the day, the Sheffield team were ahead and took homethe 2011 Sauerkraut Cup, but we can be extremely proud of our own students,it’s taking part that counts! The 16 students who came to Aston had a greattime, made a great effort and gave really impressive performances. Our sincerethanks go out to ALL of them - well done! We are looking forward to the nextSauerkraut Cup true to the motto: Through passion for football to enthusiasmfor German!