Minor in Catalan Studies

Take 40 credits of Catalan Studies in each year.

You would do 20 credits of Catalan Languages plus 20 credits to choose from the following options

First year

You can choose between: Catalan Language and Culture I (20 credits) Iberian Languages and Linguistics Images of Hispanic Identity + Iberian (20 credits) Catalan Culture Project (20 credits)

Second year

Catalan Language and Literature II (20 credits) Barcelona, Urban Space and Cultural Identity (10 credits) Constructing Communities in Catalan Speaking Territories (10 credits)

Final year

You can choose between: Advanced Catalan Language IV (20 credits) Currents in Catalan Literature IV (10 credits) Final Year Dissertation in Catalan Studies (20 credits)

New Catalan Culture project (20 Credits)

Independent study over semesters 1 and 2, guided by a minimum of four 1-hour meetings with your tutor Examine in depth some of the most important aspects of Catalan society, culture, politics and history. This module will help you to develop basic research and presentation skills by focusing on aspects of Catalan culture and society such as:

  • The construction of national identity in the Catalan speaking territories
  • Representations of Catalan cultural identity in visual art, literature, music and architecture
  • Language and socio-cultural context

For any further queries, please contact Dr Elisenda Marcer (e.marcer@bham.ac.uk).