Research in Catalan Studies

Dr Helena Buffery, current secretary of the Anglo-Catalan Society, has delivered a number of papers on Catalan topics, including:

  • "Spreading the word and sticking your tongue out. Rhetorical strategies in the promotion of language (Catalan and Valencian)" at the International Symposium on Advertising and Identity held in the University of Birmingham on 8 May 1999.
  • The Book of Deeds of James I of Aragon. A Translation of the Medieval Catalan "Llibre dels Fets" by Damian Smith and Helena Buffery.
  • Crusade Texts in Translation, 10 (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2003)
  • "Navigating the Tempest: Translation and the Configuration of Identity in Catalonia"
  • In From Stateless Nations to Postnational Spain/ De naciones sin estado a la España postnacional, edited by Silvia Bermúdez, Antonio Cortijo Ocaña and Timothy McGovern (Boulder: Society of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies, 2002), pp.63-80. This was first presented as the Forum for Iberian Studies (Translation and National Literature), University of Oxford, 15 May 1999.
  • Photo of front cover of Iberian and Latin American StudiesHelena Buffery, 'Shakespeare and the Cultural Dream in Catalonia', Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies, 66:1 (2000), pp.5-18.


  • The XLV Annual Anglo-Catalan Society Conference was held at the University of Birmingham, on the 12-14 November 1999.