Artistic Interventions in the Virtual Space

Univerity of Birmingham
Arts and Law
Thursday 18th (00:00) - Friday 19th June 2015 (23:59)
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In the 1970s a variety of peripheral artistic and cultural movements emerged in Catalonia that embraced video and incorporated the visual code in literature establishing Barcelona, with all its contextual specificities, as one of the most active urban nucleus of experimentation in the Iberian Peninsula. The integration of technology in the artwork enabled art practitioners and poets the transgression of geographical, political, social and linguistic borders, allowing the work of art to travel beyond spatiotemporal limits and to connect different geopolitical spaces and/or realities. Changes in audiovisual practices during the 1980s favoured the expansion of videoart from the margins of cultural production and into the public arena, the use of digital media and video proliferated and the presence and visibility of these innovative art forms soon transgressed national limits and arrived at a much wider and heterogeneous public. This two-day interdisciplinary conference seeks to foster dialogue between scholars, artists, poets and experimental filmmakers about thematic, formal, aesthetic and discursive aspects in the incorporation of digital technologies in poetic and artistic practices in Catalonia, from the 1970s onwards.

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This conference is generously sponsored by the University of Birmingham and the Institut Ramon Llull.