“The rise of China has presented to us a strong economy, and a new environment of global cooperation that requires us to increase our engagement with China in many ways. As a result, there will be great opportunities and potential for people who can demonstrate proficiency in Chinese language.

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When billionaire American investment guru Jim Rogers told the public in 2003 that the best gift they could give their children is to let them learn Chinese, the University of Birmingham had already been offering Chinese language courses for nearly a decade. Nowadays, Mandarin Chinese is undoubtedly one of the most popular language courses on campus. The number of students taking various Chinese modules has been increased consistently. Language skills in Mandarin Chinese will give you a competitive advantage in many ways. Various job fields offer great opportunities to people who know how to speak Mandarin, especially within the following fields: IT; foreign language education; international relations; business; tourism and government."

Xiaolong Tang, MA (E-Business), MA (Translation Studies), PGCert
Language Co-ordinator for Chinese

Students are introduced to Mandarin Chinese, also known as Pu Tong Hua (common speech), which is understood by all speakers of the language regardless of region. Prior knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is not required for our level 1 programme. In addition to teaching the script to ensure competence in reading and writing, our programmes provide a firm grounding in all language skills and will also ensure a high level of cultural competence. All our programmes are taught by highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff, who are native speakers.

You can study Chinese as a Minor Subject in a BA Major/Minor degree:

You can take one of our Chinese courses or, if you are a student here, study Chinese as an MOMD:

Applicants with previous knowledge of Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese must contact Languages for All before they apply for the course.