Is German difficult to learn? German has a reputation for being a difficult language to learn but in reality, it is neither easier nor more difficult than any other language. German grammar might be slightly more complex than English but many words are very similar or identical; e.g. the meaning of words like 'Glas', 'Wort', 'Ball', 'Bus', 'Name' etc is pretty obvious even to absolute beginners. German pronunciation is very easy for native speakers of English and after the first hour of your German language course you will be able to read German text aloud without serious difficulties. The principle of the letter sound relationship in German is based on the 'What you see is what you get' principle and that principle applies to German and Germans in more than one way. Find out for yourself.

The Team: We are a small team of highly experienced and well qualified tutors. We are all native speakers of German and have dedicated their careers to teaching the language. We are also supported by enthusiastic and professional visiting tutors most of whom have been teaching for us for many years.

You can take one of our German courses or, if you are a student here, study German as an MOMD: