Distance Learning courses - French

Studying a language Distance Learning has become possible thanks to new technologies. Our courses are embedded in a virtual learning environment which allows for practice of all language skills.

The resources are designed to provide maximum support to individuals and each students is assigned a personal tutor who gives help and feedback, particularly on speaking and writing assignments. 

The distance learning courses follow the same programmes as our face to face modules. We have developed two DL courses so far for students who did GCSE French a few year back:

Our Distance Learning programme is open to all. You do not need to be a registered student at the university to enrol.

Enrol for Distance Learning here

If you are a registered student of Birmingham University, you can take one of these modules as your MOMD, and go for the DL course even if you are on campus. The option can be very useful if your timetable is very full, and you cannot get to a class.

Should you require more information about our DL programme, get in touch with Valérie Leick at v.leick@bham.ac.uk.