Conversation exchange scheme

Doing a Conversation Exchange with a native speaker of the language you are studying is one of the most effective ways to improve your speaking skills.

It is also a very motivating way to learn and gives you the opportunity to discover lots about the culture of the country you are interested in.

How do I meet a native speaker?

  • Log in to Facebook
  • Find the page for ConvEx@BhamUni2016
  • Post a thread in 'Discussions' with the language you want to learn and the language(s) you can offer in exchange as the topic, eg.  'Native French speaker seeking English speaker'.  In the rest of the post you can add any details and your University of Birmingham contact email address.  Please do not use a non-University / personal email address for security reasons.  Wait for a reply!

Meet regularly and plan your meeting

When taking part in a conversation exchange scheme, it is important to have clear objectives, plan your meetings, meet regularly and keep a record of your meetings - write down what you did, what you learnt and what you will do next.