Spanish websites for learners

The following is a starter list of some useful Web sites for teachers and students of Spanish. Once you start to search you will come across a great many more.


Search engines


Language Learning and General

Help with Pronunciation

Audio - Video Materials

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B) Advanced

TV and Radio

Resources for teachers

Information about Spain and Latin America


A wealth of newspapers from Spain and Latin America can be accessed via many of the Directory sites listed on the previous page.  Here are the direct addresses for some of the major ones:

Language Courses  

  • don Quijote - Learn Spanish in Spain. Europe's leading specialist for providing Spanish language courses in Spain, 2-36 week courses for all levels from beginner to advanced commence every Monday at privately owned schools located in the centre of Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife and Salamanca plus partner school in Malaga, specialised courses (including A Level Preparation) and individual tuition programmes are available. Accommodation is provided with Spanish host families and in student flats. Our UK Enrolment & Information Centre will provide all the necessary help with study plans and personal assistance to students.

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