Frequently asked questions on our summer language courses

How do I enrol?

You need to click on 'Enrol now' to take you to the Registration page in the University’s Online Shop, and follow the on-screen instructions to reserve a place on a language course.

Are there any places left on the course?

When you go through the booking process it will only allow you to book courses which have places left.  If a course is fully booked it does not appear on the booking screen.

Can I pay over the phone?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept payment either over the phone or in person - enrolment is only available online.

What level am I?

We offer courses at several levels depending upon the language of study.

  • Beginners' classes are aimed at students who have no experience of the language, so you should only enrol at this level if you have never studied the language before. 
  • Near Beginners is for students who have previously started to learn the language at beginners’ level or who have completed Levels 1 or 2 of our Open Access courses. 
  • Intermediate courses are aimed at students who have around GCSE level of language knowledge and are also appropriate for students who have completed level 3 or 4 Open Access. 

If you are unsure about your entry level please e-mail us at or call 0121 415 8718.

Is there a discount for University of Birmingham students or staff?

As these courses are priced extremely competitively we are unable to offer any concessionary fees.

Where will the class be held?

All Languages for All classes are held on the main Edgbaston campus (postcode for sat nav users:  B15 2TT). Exact course venues will be sent to registered participants around 4-5 days prior to the first lesson. 

Where can I park?

Current parking information is summarised below:

Charges are applicable Monday to Friday 8.00 – 18.00.  Parking is free of charge after 6.00pm Monday – Friday.

Please be advised that enforcement procedures are in place in all University parking areas and penalty charge notices will be issued to all vehicles that fail to comply with University Traffic Regulations.

Visitors who require access to the main campus for business purposes should contact the department they are visiting to request a permit which should be displayed in their vehicle. A permit allows visitors to park for £1.00 in pay and display car parks only.

If you require a permit to allow you to park for a reduced charge at the time of your language course, you should contact us in good time once you have registered for your course, or ask your class tutor.

On-road parking on roads adjacent to the University is extremely limited, especially in busy periods, but you may be able to find on-road parking within 10 minutes’ walk of campus.

Is there a waiting list if a course is showing online as full?

If a course is showing as full, please contact the Summer Course Administrator at or on 0121 415 8718 so that your name and contact details can be added to a waiting list.

What is the latest date I can enrol for classes?

These short courses are only of 6 weeks’ duration, so students who join a course late fall behind quickly and disrupt the progress of the course.  For this reason, no late applications are accepted. See the webpage for the current enrolment dates.

What happens if I find I'm in the wrong level or group?

If after the first class either you, or your tutor, feel that you are in the wrong level, you will be offered a more appropriate course, subject to availability of spaces.  All course changes must be organized by contacting the Languages for All office at  or by phone at 0121 415 8718. 

Please note that University regulations on refunds for short courses only allow us to accept applications for a refund of course fees within one week of your first summer course class.