Joint Honours in Modern Languages

The following options are available at the University of Birmingham for studying Joint Honours in Modern Languages.

A single language plus a non-language subject

Our long-established and highly regarded portfolio of Joint Honours degrees enables you to combine a language with a non-language discipline. Joint Honours courses involving language last for four years, with your third year abroad, studying and/or working in the country of your chosen language(s). 

If you study a subject in a Joint Honours programme, you work at exactly the same level and to the same academic standard as students taking that subject in a Single Honours programme. The two subjects studied carry equal weight in your first year, with an opportunity to have a major/minor split in your second and final year of study. Please visit our MyChoices site to discover more about subject weighting.

Possible combinations:

Joint honours open day talk

[Video above - Dr Elena Theodorakopoulos delivers an undergraduate open day talk about studying Joint Honours at the University]