BEAST FEaST 2019: fast-forward rewind

Barber Concert Hall - Barber Institute of Fine Arts, The Bramall
Arts and Law, Performance
Thursday 2nd (19:30) - Saturday 4th May 2019 (22:00)
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Be immersed in vivid unique sound worlds and innovative sonic experiences this May with Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST), the largest concert sound systemof its type in the world.

Under what conditions might the old be reimagined as the new? This edition of BEAST FEaST asks composers and listeners to rewind in order to fast-forward: What new paths may open up by engaging more closely with works, idioms, and technologies from the past? What ideas, old and new, might take us forward?

Join BEAST for a meeting of music, meeting, ideas and discussion, along with featured guest artists Norah Lorway, Pete Stollery, Anothai Nitibhon, Jean-David Caillouët, Anton Lukoszevieze and Apartment House.

All events are ticketed unless otherwise stated.

  • Thursday 2 May
  • 19:30 concert
    BEAST FEaST 2019 opens with Norah Lorway’s game-inspired work, and premieres by guest Pete Stollery and BEAST founder Jonty Harrison.

Venue: The Dome, The Bramall

  • Friday 3 May
  • 11:00 talk
    Talk by festival artists.

Venue: The Dome, The Bramall

  • 13:10 Barber Lunchtime Concert

    The internationally recognised ensemble Apartment House presents a new work by James Opstad alongside music by Julius Aglinskas and Lucie Viková.

Venue: Barber Concert Hall

Admission: Free

  • 15:00 concert
    An extended performance by Thor Magnusson and the Brain Dead Ensemble.

Venue: The Dome, The Bramall

  • 19:00 concert
    Works by Natasha Barrett, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, and a world premiere by Apartment House founder Anton Lukoszevieze.

Venue: Elgar Concert Hall, The Bramall

  • 20:45 concert
    Music by featured guests Pete Stollery, Anothai Nitibhon, and Jean-David Caillouët.

Venue: Elgar Concert Hall, The Bramall

  • Saturday 4 April
  • 11:00 talk
    Talks by festival artists.

Venue: The Dome, The Bramall

  • 13:10 concert
    Works by Annie Mahtani, Erik Nyström and Ambrose Seddon.

Venue: Elgar Concert Hall, The Bramall

  • 14:30 keynote address 
    Keynote talk by featured guest Anothai Nitibhon.

Venue: The Dome, The Bramall

  • 16:30 concert
    Music by Nikki Sheth, Pete Stollery and Jorge Garcia.

Venue: Elgar Concert Hall, The Bramall

  • 20:30 Birmingham Open Media Soft Rave Festival closing party
    With performances by Norah Lorway and Valentina Vuksic. In collaboration with BOM and the In Real Life exhibition. 
  • Tickets
    3 day pass: £30 on door, £25 advance, £12 students/u18
    Individual concert: £10 on door, £7 advance, £3 students/u18
    Day pass (Friday or Saturday): £16 on door, £12 advance, £5 students/u18  

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