Harmonies for a Habsburg Dynasty

Elgar Concert Hall - Bramall Music Building
Wednesday 1 March 2023 (19:30-21:30)
Cinquecento Renaissance Vokal
Cinquecento Renaissance Vokal

Barber Evening Concert

Cinquecento Renaissance Vokal

Terry Wey - Countertenor

Achim Schulz - Tenor

Tore Tom Denys - Tenor

Tim Scott Whiteley - Baritone

Ulfreid Staber - Bass

The imperial Habsburg court of the 16th century, situated across what is now Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, was one of the greatest cultural centres of the world for its day. Some of the greatest composers and musicians of their age were employed by princes, dukes, and emperors of this illustrious dynasty. Sadly, many of the musical figures that inhabited this unique world have been unjustly forgotten. This programme aims to remedy this and once more breathe life into these sublime harmonies, which would have filled the ears of Habsburg royalty in their chapels and chambers.

Works by Jacobus Regnart, Jacobus Vaet, Annibale Padovano, and Arnold von Bruck.

£20, £18 concessions, £15 Barber Association, £5 students/U18.
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