Internal Combustion performances and an Award for Excellence

During the summer, Professor Jonty Harrison was the recipient of a University Award for Excellence in Doctoral Supervision; over the past 30 years he has supervised nearly 50 PhD students, many of whom are now working in the higher education sector in the UK and around the world.

Professor Harrison's recent activities include a visit to Toronto to give the Keynote Address and curate a half-concert of three of his works, Phantom PowerUndertow and Internal Combustion, at the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium. After this he remained in Toronto to teach on the Sound Travels Intensive summer school, at which he also completed and premiered a short 'sound portrait' of the city. In September he performed Internal Combustion in a concert promoted by the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris. In October, he presented a paper and performed Internal Combustion in the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome, as part of a British day at EMUfest which was supported by the British Council. Later the same month, Internal Combustion featured in a concert at King's Place, London, promoted by the London Sinfonietta, and in a BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre) concert at Capsule's Supersonic festival in Birmingham. Other recent performances include Undertow (twice) in SoundKitchen's Sonic Picnic at Vivid, Birmingham, and twice more in SoundKitchen's event at Supersonic, Sorties at the University of Ûberlandia, Brazil, and BEASTory at Stanford University, California.

Later this month, Professor Harrison is curating and presenting a concert in the Reid Hall at the University of Edinburgh, to include Internal Combustion and works by three of his PhD students, James Carpenter, Julien Guillamat and Constantinos Kontos. During this visit he will also give a talk as part of Edinburgh's music seminar series and present a workshop on BEASTtools, a suite of audio processing software developed by staff and postgraduates connected with the Birmingham Electroacoustic Music Studios (particularly Eric Bumstead, James Carpenter and Chris Tarren), and supported by a Circles of Influence award. The software, which will be available for free download from the BEAST page on the University web-site, will be launched officially at BEAST's Waves event in the CBSO Centre, Birmingham (19-20 November); the weekend features leading composer Gilles Gobeil and ondes Martenot player Suzanne Binet Audet  from Quebec and the Lumínico project (composer Rodrigo Sigal, flautist Alejandro Escuer and visual artist José Luis García Nava) from Mexico. Another Circles of Influence award from an anonymous donor will provide a commission fee for a new acousmatic work by Julien Guillamat, to be performed at a future BEAST event.

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