Success for the University Brass Band at UniBrass

The Department of Music and the University of Birmingham Music Society is delighted to share news of success for the society Brass Band at this year’s ‘UniBrass’ competition – the university brass band championships of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Competing at the host institution of the University of Sheffield for 2022, and under the baton of Stuart Birnie, the band played a programme, which included the programmatic and entertaining The Home of Legends by Paul Lovatt-Cooper, as well as a performance of Song of Hope by Peter Meechan. However, the climax was their performance of Lock Horns/Rage On by Simon Dobson.

The band’s sixth place finish was a highlight of the academic year for the University in an increasingly competitive Trophy Section and, with almost 50 players on stage, Birmingham were the largest band to play.

Members of the brass band fill a staircase

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