Federico Favali

Federico Favali

Department of Music
Doctoral researcher

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PhD Title: The future on the stage: a project for an innovative opera
Supervisor: Professor Michael Zev Gordon
PhD Musical Composition


The core of my research project is the creation of an opera which will contribute to the contemporary repertoire in an innovative way. The main purpose of creating this new opera is to expand the contemporary repertoire for this medium. Keeping in mind what has been written in the past decades, the aim of my research is to focus on new potentialities of opera. Despite the development of contemporary musical theatre, it is my belief that a lot of possibilities have not been explored yet. For example, considering an alternative way to tell a story by organising the libretto in a non-synchronic way. A second example, by thinking about the audience as part of the show, one may consider the whole theatre as a stage. These are some of the main reasons why it is important to do research in this field. My goal is to proceed with a new approach in regards to composing music, writing the libretto, experimenting with an unusual ensemble, and finding fresh ways to tell a story. The result of this will be an innovative work: a glance into the future, or better, the future on the stage.