Goya's Black Paintings, on BBC Radio Scotland Sunday Morning with Richard Holloway and Andrew Ginger

Professor Andrew Ginger (Modern Languages, Spanish) is in conversation with Richard Holloway and Dr Claudia Hopkins (Edinburgh) on Spanish painter Francisco Goya's celebrated Black Paintings, on the March 17th edition of BBC Radio Scotland's Sunday Morning with Richard Holloway.

Goya painted the fourteen Black Paintings on the interior walls of his own house outside Madrid between 1819 and 1823. They show unsettling, enigmatic, and at times disturbing images, from Saturn consuming his child to a lonely dog's head gazing upwards. 

Professor Ginger describes the paintings as attempt to work through emotional disturbance in all its nuance and complexity. The paintings formed a kind of private world within the house. Even so Goya's work remains powerfully connected to the life of the community beyond: its legends, stories, beliefs and practices. What he expresses is an awareness that his relationship to that community has become unsettled and disturbed.